A game-changing device for delaying preterm birth
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The Challenge

Preterm birth is the most common, catastrophic, and costly complication of pregnancy
1 in 10 babies is born preterm. 15 million a year worldwide, of which 1 million will not survive and over 1 million will become disabled.
Preterm birth is an enormous emotional and financial burden
on families, healthcare systems, and society
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LIONESS™ - Advanced technology for delaying preterm birth

LIONESS™ is a smartly-structured silicone ring placed in the vagina and secured high around the uterine cervix to keep the cervix elongated.

The device is placed by the physician as an outpatient procedure that takes only a few minutes.

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9 - 17% of all pregnancies are at risk for spontaneous preterm birth

This translates to 14-25 million pregnancies worldwide every year.


PregnanTech aims to revolutionize obstetrics and newborn pediatric medicine by reducing the rate of preterm birth worldwide.
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