Open call to physicians and medical institutions to participate in a randomized clinical study

PregnanTech is a start-up company developing the LionessTM – a novel device for delaying and preventing premature birth among pregnant women at risk of spontaneous preterm birth

PregnanTech recently concluded a pilot clinical study among pregnant women at risk of preterm birth

The outcomes affirmed:

  • The device’s safety
  • Demonstrated its ability to keep the cervix elongated
  • Resulted in a low rate of preterm delivery

Furthermore, the study indicated that the LionessTM had a notable positive impact on pregnancy experience and made a significant contribution to alleviating pregnancy related anxiety


Due to the promising results, PregnanTech is initiating a
Multi-center randomized controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of the LionessTM device to increase gestation duration and delay preterm birth among pregnant women with a singleton pregnancy and history of spontaneous preterm birth

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