Total aggregate cost of treating preterm reaches tens of billions of dollars a year ($25 billion in the US and $5 billion in the UK). All this leads to an extraordinary market opportunity.

PregnanTech's market potential is estimated at over $2 billion a year in developed countries alone.


Addressable market in developed countries

Addressable market in developing countries

Market in developed countries


Between 9 - 17% of all pregnancies are at risk for spontaneous preterm birth: Twin pregnancies, women with a history of preterm birth, pregnancies with short cervix, cervical insufficiency and premature contractions. 

This translates to 11 million pregnancies worldwide every year of which 2 million are in developed countries and 9 million in developing countries.

Target markets are Obstetrics & Gynecology clinics and Obstetric hospital departments.


PregnanTech is reaching out to strategic partners & investors interested in a profitable business opportunity and taking part in reducing the rate of preterm birth worldwide.


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