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Novel technology for the prevention of preterm birth


LIONESS is a smartly structured silicone ring placed in the vagina and secured high around the uterine cervix. The device is placed by the physician as an outpatient procedure that takes only a few moments.

LIONESS maintains it's position on the cervix despite pressure and contractions, avoids cervical dilatations, reduces load, keeps the cervix elongated and delays the biomechanical cascade leading to preterm birth.


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·        Non-surgical yet secured at site of best surgical procedure (Shirodkar cerclage)
·        Self-release mechanism in case of active labor or strong contractions

Ease of use
·        Placed by the physician in an outpatient setting
·        Short procedure aided by intuitive application tools
·        Easily removed when reaching term

PregnanTech's preterm birth prevention kit includes the LIONESS device, an insertion apparatus and a cervix grasping tool for device insertion.