PregnanTech's LIONESS™

A novel, non-surgical, device aiming to provide a safe, and efficient solution for delaying preterm birth.

LIONESS™ is a smartly structured silicone ring secured high around the uterine cervix at the site of the best existing surgical solution (The Shirodkar cerclage).

Ease of use

  • Placed by the physician in an outpatient setting
  • Short procedure aided by intuitive application tools
  • Easily removed when reaching term
  • Has a self-release mechanism in case of active labor

LIONESS™ is intended to delay the biomechanical cascade leading to preterm birth

Maintains position despite pressure & contractions
Keeps the cervix elongated
Avoids cervical dilatation
Reduces load off the cervix

Clinical Trials

LIONESS™ was successfully tested in a first-in-women safety clinical trial with reassuring findings that attest to the device’s great potential.
Following this successful safety & usability clinical study, PregnanTech has initiated a clinical study among pregnant women at risk of preterm birth.

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